Vibration Problems in Engineering


he 5th edition handbook is classic book which incorporated with vibration theories of this classic. This book retain the system with nonlinear application do we can analyze the characteristics of vibration exactly, with equation motion formulas, spectral radius concepts. Two degrees of freedom is described as equation of motion, mode shapes in beginner cases. In the next problem, discussed by three degrees of freedom. So the review is completed by eigen vectors, mode shapes, and the figured characteristic and properties.

Finite element methods is implemented as solution to calculate infinite degrees of freedom cases, so can be practiced in computerized programs. As an problems collection, this book also provides an excellent engineering cases application, which correlated with awesome appendixes( introduction to finite element concepts). So this book is useful for engineering students who want to apply the theories into exact problem.

William Weaver, Stephen Timoshenko,
Donovan Harold Young
Wiley-IEEE, 1990
ISBN 0471632287|610 pages|22 MB

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