MECHATRONIC SYSTEM, Sensors, and Actuators: Fundamentals and Modelin


By reading, this book tittle, we assumed that book consists of the basic theory and the key concepts about mechatronics and details various descriptions of the mathematical models of the mechanical, electrical, and fluid subsystems that comprise mechatronic systems. The advantage of this book contents is containing the various mechanical system which comprised as mechanical figures, electronic model and reviewed by exactly mathematical functions. For advanced users, this book is indexed by detailed structured discussion of the physical system which described in the logical and process way. Due to the complexity of the mechatronic system, this book covers more reviews about wireless sensors, wireless torque sensors, temperature sensor, and other applied sensors, such as oxygen sensor, motion sensor or wheelchair sensor.

Review and discussion of the fundamental physical relationships and mathematical models associated with commonly used sensor and actuator technologies complete the coverage.This book also introduces the key important elements of mechatronics and discusses new directions which describes the underlying mechanical and electronic mathematical models to be providing many mechatronic systems. Finally this book includes a detailed discussion of process of physical system modeling.

Robert H. Bishop

CRC712 Pages |pdf|21 MB2007-11-19ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0849392586

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